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Vergola unique product design

The Vergola Roof System

Vergola provides an unbeatable product to transform and enhance outdoor spaces around the world. An innovative, exclusive, and fully customizable system of opening and closing roofs by the use of geared louvres.


The unique Vergola product design provides controlled protection for any residential or commercial area. Whether you have a roof terrace that requires dynamic weather protection or a public area where you wish to look after your clients in a wider range of weather conditions, you should consider a Vergola. The Vergola automatic roofing system is the modern solution for all outdoor environments, for all seasons and climates.


Vergola lets through a maximum of natural light or total or partial darkness, by simply adjusting the tilt of the louvres, which creates a space of light and shadow that is always different. You can save energy by keeping your space heated or cool with the Vergola system.


The unique system of interlocking louvres can be closed completely, transforming the Vergola into a water resistant roof against weather. It also has a rain sensor that automatically closes the louvres with only a few rain drops. The system is programmed to remain when the rain stops and until the sensor has dried.  A Vergola system is not 100% waterproof, since it can be opened and closed, it cannot be as resistant to water as a fixed roof.


The aerodynamic shape of the louvres ensures a controlled air flow, which depends on the louvres’ angle position. The louvres can be opened or closed to provide more/less fresh air or more/less privacy depending on your needs as conditions change.

The Vergola Roof and Screen system enhances the usefulness of your outdoor living area and also adds value to your home by extending the living space providing a more comfortable environment with variable sun/shade and airflow.


The unique double layered louvres guarantee thermal insulation and noise reduction. The unique opening design provides versatility, helping to create the perfect environment with its unique design keeping your outdoor space cooler in summer and warmer in the winter months.


Vergola provides a computerized and adaptable control system for every need. Options include tracking, wind sensors, home automation compatibility, fire prevention system connectivity for commercial premises. All Vergola roofing systems are custom-made to suit the requirements of the individual home/space, providing a roofing solution that enables people to control their environment in all climates and settings.

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