VERGOLA® Commercial Roof System


The VERGOLA® automatic roof system is exceptionally versatile and is easily tailored to a range of public and commercial settings.

  • Hotels, Restaurants & Bars
  • Schools, Colleges & Kindergartens
  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • Public Spaces
  • Offices & Retail

More than ever clients demand a high quality environment and VERGOLA® allows both the public and private sector to meet and exceed expectations. Here are just a handful of our most popular installations, where a VERGOLA® automatic roof has enhanced the quality and usability of a space.


The hospitality sector above all others prioritises the experience of its clients. VERGOLA® can transform terraces, pool areas, smoking zones and public atriums into comfortable spaces that can be used and enjoyed every day. Internationally, VERGOLA® solutions can be found in areas as diverse as marinas, as well as city and rural hotels.

For example, restaurants can use outdoor terraces for diners throughout the year, come rain or shine, controlling ventilation, temperature and weather; whilst bars can offer comfortable areas for clients, including smokers protected from showers or strong sun.

Schools, Colleges & Kindergartens

Australia is at the forefront of UV and sun protection technology and protocols. With climate change, ozone depletion and greater awareness about the effects of the sun, VERGOLA®, which is manufactured in Australia, is the ideal solution for school and college recreational areas. The fully adjustable roof means that outdoor spaces, courtyards and patios can be useable all year, providing protection for students from the full strength of the sun, or the effects of rain, through automation or all at the touch of a button.


Energy efficiency and maximising the use of space are driving innovation in office & retail space design. VERGOLA® is ideally integrated into corporate environments making common areas year-round spaces maximising natural light and reducing energy loss. In the retail sector, VERGOLA® is also ideally suited to garden centres.

VERGOLA® Roof Systems are also ideal for homes and residential use…

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